My Play By Play Pitch To The Red Sox. (Published in the Providence Journal 10/22/15)


Somewhat forgotten in the angst over NESN replacing popular Red Sox TV announcer Don Orsillo with WEEI’s Dave O’Brien is the fact that there is now an opening for the radio play by play gig.

Now in my fourth year of retirement, I’m looking to start a second career, so, perhaps I should send them my play by play version of some of baseball’s most iconic moments.

It would go something like this:

September 29th, 1954 – Polo Grounds – World Series.

“ Little fires a fastball. Wertz swings and hits a towering drive. It’s heading over Mays’s head into the deepest part of center field. Willie races back, his number 24 barely visible 450 feet from home plate. At full speed he peers over his left shoulder and stretches his glove towards the sky. He’s got it! He’s got it! He twirls, hat flying off, and fires the ball back towards the infield! Willie Mays has just made a catch that tomorrow young boys all across the country will be trying to imitate, and, I have a feeling, for decades to come. Say hey, indeed!”

October 8th, 1956 – Yankee Stadium – World Series.

“Larsen nervously toes the rubber. Yogi gives the signal. The Yankee Stadium crowd is dead silent as pinch hitter Dale Mitchell waits. Larsen nods and starts his motion. Fastball coming in. Called strike three! Larsen has done it! Yogi races towards the mound, leaps into Larsen’s arms and wraps his legs around the pitcher’s body. The 6’4” Larsen is carrying little Berra like a team mascot towards the first base line. Don Larsen has pitched the first no-hitter in World Series history! Not just a no-hitter, but a perfect game! 27 up, 27 down. Don Larsen, not Cy Young, not Christy Mathewson, not Walter Johnson, but Don Larsen! Holy cow!”

September 29th, 1960 – Fenway Park – Final Red Sox home game.

“Williams waits impatiently in the batter’s box while Fisher goes to the resin. 1 and 1 count. The 10,000 plus fans watching their hero for the last time. Fisher deals. Ted uncoils. It’s a high, majestic fly ball heading to right. It’s out of here! Deep into the Red Sox bullpen! Ted Williams hits his 521st home run on his final swing at Fenway! Head down he’s rounding the bases. The small crowd is going wild. Williams touches third and heads home. He crosses the plate and turns towards the dugout, eyes still surveying the ground. True to form for 21 years Williams does not pander to the fans as The Kid bids the Hub adieu.”

October 27th, 2004 – Busch Stadium – World Series.

“Foulke is one out away from never having to pay for a beer in Boston. Edgar Renteria trying to keep the Cardinals slim hope alive. Foulke tugs at the brim of his cap as he stares into Veritek for the sign. Pujols hugs second. Here’s the pitch. It’s a sharp ground ball to the mound. Foulke leaps and grabs it! He takes a couple of steps towards first and underhands the ball to Mientkiewicz. New England, turn up Grandpa’s hearing aid. The Red Sox are World Champions! The Red Sox win the World Series for the first time since 1918. After 86 years Harry Frazee and Babe Ruth have finally been granted pardons.”

Once WEEI hears my recording, I could just sit back and wait for their offer. It would be so great to sit in the press box with Joe Castiglione.
– END –

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